Rust Wipe Day - Staff Handbook

Rust Wipe Day

Basic information about staff roles

As a staff member, you may receive some benefits for the labor you do at RWD.

  1. Based on what you do at RWD, you may receive VIP
  2. Giftable VIPs to give to teammates and friends.
  3. Free permissions for Off Duty like Furnace Splitter.
  4. May be eligible to earn revenue share under contract.

Community Directors

Community Directors act as a barrier between Moderators and Management Staff and the community. A CD’s job is to act and get suggestions and information from the community and transfer that information to the Moderators and Management team. So, let’s say we have a disagreement between two players and it is starting to be in the bounds of breaking server rules. It is one of your duties to decrease the heat of the situation and if it starts to break server guidelines, you should contact a moderator if none are available, you should contact a management member. If people have suggestions and it seems to look like multiple people are interested in the change to the server, it is one of your jobs to transfer that information to the management team or the development team. Overall, Community Directors are the face of Rust Wipe Day and need to be mature, kind, and smart individuals that can make connections with the community out in the field of Rust Wipe Day.

Server Moderators

A moderator’s duty is to moderate the Discord and Server of Rust Wipe Day. They are to find cheaters and deal with rule breakers. They are to carry out punishment under the general punishment guidelines for each rule break. They are in close communication with the management staff so if a staff member or Community Director is not following the staff guidelines, they are to report that to the management team to carry out with a decision against that staff member. Moderators are also to keep a lookout for prohibited content being streamed in VC and in text channels of the Discord. They are to also moderate and spectate in-game for cheaters. The description of a moderator is pretty much what a moderator is.

Management Directors

Generally, you work your way up to management staff but if you have good experience working at another server or are already an administrator at Atlas or a server similar, we will be happy to give you a chance to be a trial manager. Management Staff handle high severity tickets and deal with staff situations. Their job is to communicate closely with the development teams and other departments. They normally manage all staff departments being able to vote to demote and carry out punishments and actions against other staff for breaking the staff guidelines. The management team’s job in Rust Wipe Day is to keep the internals of Rust Wipe Day running smoothly and it is a big important position. For any extra information on a position, feel free to open a ticket or talk to a Community Director.

Rust Wipe Day Staff Rules & Regulations

This document will cover all rules, regulations, and expectations from ALL staff from Rust Wipe Day. Breaking these rules can lead to a Staff Strike to a Demotion.

This document was written and approved by Rust Wipe Day management. This document may be updated at any time.

Basic Requirements

  • Must attend staff meetings
  • Must keep promotion status in discord profile.
  • Must prepare a group of 4 for wipe no more than 2 directors per team - permission to break team size rules for promotions purpose.
  • Must post lfg/self-promo at least 10 times a week and talk to new members.
  • Must attend wipe day.
  • Must attend streams and community events.
  • Must remain professional at all times.

Point System

You can receive points for positive things you do such as attending wipe but points may be removed for neglecting things or missing requirements. You can receive promotions and more from your points. The goal is to provide an objective basis for promotions or strikes.

Staff Strike System

The Staff Strike System or SSS is a system to prevent staff that are not following the regulations and or requirements of being a staff member on RWD.

Each staff member has a total of 2 strikes until a demotion or larger punishment is given out. The most common punishment is a full demotion to a normal player and a blacklist from applying for 1 month or longer.

An example would be if you break the regulation about professionalism, you would receive a strike. Let’s say you break the same regulation or a different one, you would receive your second strike and you would be fully demoted to a member and receive a blacklist depending on what you broke.

Brand new staff members or staff that have just passed their application and have gone through the application process would start out with one strike, and they will have that strike for 2 weekly wipes until it expires. We do this to make sure the staff is on their best behavior and follows and reviews all rules extensively.

Strikes have an average expiration date and that being one month. Strikes may have a custom expiration date but those are rare.

Application Blacklists

If you are demoted as a staff member without a proper resignation, you would receive a blacklist in most cases. A blacklist is a certain amount of time you are not allowed to do anything related to staff activities or applying for staff. This may occur if you are discharged for too many strikes.


This will cover ALL staff regulations that you are required to follow.

Professionality Regulations

  1. A Staff member on duty (Has active moderator permissions on the server at the time of playing) may not unvanish at any time unless it fits the situation or has a reasonable reason to be unvanished such as helping someone with a bug etc.
  2. A Staff member should NEVER interfere with ANY situation when on duty such as flying around unvanished in a PVP battle.
  3. A Staff member should actively try to not trigger any Turrets, Attack Helicopter, or NPCs when on duty, especially when no clipping.
  4. All staff members whether On Duty or Off Duty may NEVER act unprofessional even when antagonized. Staff members should mostly remain silent in VC unless having a calm conversation with somebody. If somebody is breaking the Discord Server’s rules, it’s up to your discretion to follow out with the punishment. Though keep in mind, favoritism will result in a strike and or demotion.
  5. Staff members should always listen to superiors, for example, management staff, especially in public like a VC. Not following management staff’s orders will result in an instantaneous strike, it might even be announced publicly in VC that you are being strikes to set an example.
  6. Try to not take reports that are In-game chat or in a public setting, attempt to try to get them to open a ticket in the Discord server or handle it through a formal process.
  7. A Staff member should never act out or do stupid things in public. A Staff member should stay away from offensive topics because you represent us, Rust Wipe Day.
  8. A Staff member may NEVER send NSFW content in DMs, Channels such as General or Staff Chat, Signs, and or other platforms.
  9. Staff may not use racial slurs and should attempt to stay away from slurs in general. Again, you represent Rust Wipe Day. Your language should match the mood and you should think before you say based on who is in VC and what is the current situation.
  10. You are required to be on for wipe. If you are not on work more than 2 wipes at a time, you will be striked. If you are not able to attend, contact management staff.

Moderating / Administrative Regulations

  1. Staff member may NEVER abuse their powers / position for others. Such as unmuting a teammate in-game or the Discord in ANY case. Abuse like this will result in an instant demotion.
  2. Staff members should not give out items to anyone unless they have a specific reason to give out those items. Abuse like this will result in instant demotion.
  3. Staff members will NEVER help a player in non-vanilla ways. Such as if a player dies on Oil Rig, you may NOT help them get back with Telekinesis Plugin or spawning them in a Minicopter or TP’ing them. Abuse like this will result in instant demotion.
  4. Staff members may NEVER interfere with a situation in-game such as a PVP scenario unless a player is cheater or a situation like that.
  5. Staff members may not treat teammates or friends differently from the rules.

All staff members must follow these guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a punishment up to management staff.