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add_circle Server Modifications

  • Player Bounty
  • Base Bounty
  • Player ELO
  • Leaderboards
  • 2x Gather Rates
  • 5x Recycling
  • 5x Crafting
  • 5x Smelting Speed
  • 2x Resource Stack
  • Custom 2x Loot Tables
  • Faster night cycles
  • Faster event cycles

Server Rules and FAQ

arrow_circle_up Admin Neutrality

Our server's administrators strive to remain neutral and treat all players fairly and equally, without showing favoritism or bias towards any individual or group. Our server admins will not use their powers to abuse tools, perform actions for players, or provide any unfair advantage to any player or group.

arrow_circle_up Base Insiding

It is the players responsibility to prevent "insiding" in the game Rust by building trust, limiting access, keeping an eye on new members, and having a backup plan. Admins should remain neutral and not intervene in player conflicts to maintain a fair game environment.

arrow_circle_up Offline Raiding

Players are responsible for taking precautions to prevent your base from being raided both offline and online. To prevent raiding in Rust, players should build and fortify their bases with strong defenses, such as traps, turrets, and multiple layers of walls. Players are also encouraged to keep their base location a secret, and not share codes with people they do not trust. Rust+ is available to players to monitor their in-game status, manage their inventory, and receive notifications on their mobile device.

arrow_circle_up Player Behavior

It's recommended to use the in-game mute function to block out player voices that are disruptive or distracting, and remember that what may be offensive to you may not necessarily be against the game's rules, so please report any actual violations to staff.

arrow_circle_up Cheating or Exploiting

We strictly prohibit any form of hacking or exploiting in Rust, and using third-party tools to gain an unfair advantage can result in severe consequences. Report any suspected instances of cheating to the moderators through F7 or Discord, as we take these reports very seriously to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

arrow_circle_up Terms of Service

You must follow the Facepunch Terms Of Service, and Code of Conduct.